Learn About Different Types Of Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are a large breed of dog. They are muscular and have a thick coat, which is gold to pale cream in color. This coat is water resistant, which makes them great outdoor dogs. They have medium length fur, which can be flat, wavy, or curly, and a well feathered tail. Female dogs stand 21.5 inches – 22.5 inches, and weigh around 55-65 pounds. Male dogs will stand at 23 inches – 24 inches, and weigh 65-75 pounds. They were originally bred in Scotland. This breed of dogs is also known as “goldens” due to the color of their coat.

Golden Retrievers are friendly patient dogs. Originally they were bred for hunting. Their soft mouths and obedient temperament makes them ideal for this purpose. Because of their calm temperament they also have many other uses. They make wonderful family pets as they are very gentle and good with children. Their patience and ability to follow orders well, makes them great guide dogs. They are also used for search and rescue work, and even for sniffing out illegal drugs. However it should also be noted that they do not make good watch dogs. This is because they will make friends with anyone they meet.

English Labrador retriever: These dogs originated in Newfoundland. Some were brought to Britain where they were developed into this breed. They are often referred to as “Labs.” They are the original water dogs. Their tails are similar to otters and are used by the dogs as rudders when they are in water. The feet of these dogs are webbed so that they can swim well. They have a double coat to protect them from the elements. Their hairs are short and thick. They come in a variety of colors, such as; black, chocolate, silver and yellow.

Uses and care: This breed was evolved from the original Golden Retrievers. As such they have many of their much loved characteristics. They are affectionate and hard working and can be used for services like, blind guide dogs and rescue work. They are very loving and need to be loved and accepted. This makes them ideal companions. Because they need a lot of exercise and room to play, they should not be kept in apartments or small places. They need a fenced yard to play and should be exercised well each day. They do shed quite a bit especially in warm climates so it is important to groom them twice a week.

American Labrador retriever: These dogs were also developed from the Newfoundland breed. They are a rugged class of dog, with an exceptionally nice temperament. They have a double coat and short flat hair, this means that their coat is waterproof and ideal for outside activities. They differ from the English breed in that they are taller and thinner. Although they retain most of the qualities of their European counterpart they are often not quite so calm. They mature at a slower speed than the British breed. They used to be known as “St John’s Dogs.” They are active dogs and require exercising everyday.

American Labrador retrievers were trained to retrieve nets from the freezing waters around Newfoundland, and haul them to shore. Like their other counterparts they are renowned for their loyalty, intelligence and ability to work hard. They are sturdy dogs ideal for hunting and sports. There affectionate temperament and loyalty make them good service dogs. In fact most of the guide dogs are of this breed. They are also used for search and rescue missions and even for sniffing out explosives and drugs. These dogs make obedient police dogs. They are the most popular breed of dog in the USA and make wonderful family pets. Like there counter part the English retriever, they come in a variety of colors, such as; black, chocolate, silver and yellow.

Labrador retrievers are the most popular breed of dog in the USA. Their lovable disposition and capacity for hard work have made them a number one favorite among dog lovers. They are great with small children, making them ideal family dogs. They can put up with quite a bit of rough play and thrive on love and affection. Because of their friendly disposition these dogs do not make good watch dogs. It is important to train these dogs well or they can get out of hand. When properly looked after and trained they are very obedient dogs.

Labrador retrievers are an interesting breed of dog as they are bred from the original golden breed from Newfoundland. These tough dogs were originally known as “St John’s Dogs.” They were bred to help recover catches for hunters. They used to be able to dive into icy water to recover duck. Apart from their strong physique they are also of a very affectionate disposition. This makes them loyal and friendly. They come in 3 official colors, golden, or yellow, black and chocolate. They usually live to about 13 years with proper care.

Yellow Labrador retrievers: This dog can be classed as this color when it falls in the pigment range of light cream, gold or “fox-red.” These dogs are sturdy and loyal. They have short hair and a double coat. The outer coat is made up of short thick hair. The inner coat is soft and waterproof. This is the commonest color in this class of dogs. The breed itself was developed originally as a sporting dog and is excellent as retrieving as its name implies. The have an affectionate temperament and are very patient dogs. They require attention and some training to stop them from getting unruly.

Yellow labs make excellent companions and hunting dogs. They have a lot of endurance and can even retrieve the catch from freezing waters. They will continue to work hard for longer periods of time. They have a soft grip so that the catch does not get damaged. Their loyalty makes them useful service dogs. They are the number one choice of dog breed in the USA. They are often known as “Labs” rather than their full breed name.

Black Labrador retrievers: these dogs are completely black hence their name. They are usually known as “Black Labs” rather than their full breed name. In fact many people are not even aware that they have another name. These dogs are friendly, loyal and strong, with a lot of stamina. They are a large breed of dog with a strong muscular build. This breed of dogs has a double coat to protect them from the weather. They are bred from the Newfoundland breed of dogs that used to be known as “St John’s Dogs.”

Black Labs are active hard working dogs and thrive on affection. They have multiple uses, due to their temperament and physique. They are also fine show dogs. They are very obedient and calm, making them ideal candidates for dog shows. Their beautiful glossy color makes them a wonderful show dog. If you want a pure breed you need to be very sure to do your research well and get an all black dog, with no other colored markings. Always get a puppy from a reliable breeder if you want to take him to shows.

Chocolate Labrador retrievers: these are also known as “Labs.” They are the latest color to be introduced to this breed. At first these dogs were not recognized by breeders and they thought that this color was a genetic mistake. This resulted in very few of these beautiful dogs. In the 1970’s the breeders realized their error and accepted this colored lab. Unfortunately there was an increase in demand for the dogs and less of them so adulteration in breeding took place. This made their value go down. Now this beautiful dog has regained its true value.

Chocolate Labs have all the characteristics of its counterparts. This makes it a very good dog for families and hunting. However these beautiful dogs are valued for there lovely color, which makes them wonderful show dogs. Their temperament is congenial and calm allowing them to be shown with ease. These types of dogs are valued very highly by dog breeders. These dogs have all the easy temperament qualities that make them great family dogs. They enjoy the active lifestyle of kids and enjoy a family atmosphere. They need affection and exercise to be happy and healthy.

Chesapeake Bay retriever: These dogs have a few special features that set them apart from their counterparts. They have a slightly wavy double coat which is waterproof. The coat feels somewhat oily and has a musky odor. These dogs have clear amber, or yellow eyes. They have 3 main colors; dead grass, sedge, and brown and various different shades of these colors. The breed is named after the place where they were bred. They were specially bred for recovering ducks when hunting conditions were rough. They have broad chests that can break the ice on the water when they go to fetch the ducks.

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are not only good hunting dogs but have all the characteristics of their counterparts. This makes them very affectionate and patient. They are also very hard working. These dogs are good family dogs. Added to this is the fact that they are fairly territorial, which makes them better watch dogs. Most of their counterparts are too friendly and make poor watch dogs. They are often referred to as “Chessies.” They are also good show dogs, as they stay calm and are obedient. It is wise not to bathe them too often as this will destroy the natural protective oil on their coat.

Flat coated retriever is a breed from the United Kingdom. It was bred as a hunting dog to recover catches, and is very much at home in water as well as land. It has all the characteristics of its counterparts, both physically and mentally. It has a long smooth coat, giving it its name as a breed. These dogs are either a rich dark brown or black. Unlike their counterparts they do not have double coats. This breed of dog has brown almond shaped eyes. They develop strong bonds with family members, making them loyal and obedient companions.

Flat coated retrievers have all the characteristics of their counterparts. They are strong active dogs that enjoy the outdoors. At the same time it is a beautiful dog and is ideal for shows. Its beautiful coat and rich black or brown coloring make it a true show dog. They are obedient and calm like their counterparts which are also a plus for dog shows. The breed is not as well known and popular as the other dogs. This means there is less adulteration in the breeding and some characteristics can be brought out to improve the breed.

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever: is a special breed of dog. Their heads are less square than their counterparts. They are shaped in more of a wedge, resembling a fox and their ears are triangular. The tail is usually well feathered and is held up when the dog is emotionally stimulated. Males stand around 17-20 inches and females are slightly smaller in build. They are a medium sized breed and are smaller than their counterparts. They are loving and loyal to their owners and family members. These dogs are easily trained and should not be left without proper schooling.

Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers are called by this name because they were trained to lure the wild fowl. The hunter stays in his blind and sends the dog out to play near the water. The water fowl are curious as to what the dog may be doing and gather to find out what is going on. The hunter then rises and makes his presence known, and calls in the dog. The ducks rise and the hunter gets his shot. The dog then brings back the catch.

Curly coated retriever: This is another English breed of hunting dog and stands out with its tight curly coat. It is often called a “Curly.” This is one of the oldest breeds of these particular dogs and was recognized in 1860. It is a little taller than its counterparts because its legs are longer which makes it the largest of this particular breed. These dogs were originally bred for hunting, especially waterfowl. Their love of the water makes them especially good for this purpose. It is also an agile breed of dog. There are 2 colors of this breed of dog; pure black and pure liver brown. Flecks of white are not considered good by breeders.

Curly coated retrievers are loyal dogs and do well as hunting companions or family dogs. Care should be taken in training so that they do not get bored, as repetition will soon become boring for them. Although these dogs do not need to be groomed as they maintain their curls easily, you will need to be sure that their coats are kept clean and free of tangles. They do not have double coats, so do not shed hair as much as their counterparts. Trimming of the ears, tummy, legs, feet and tail is desirable for showing these dogs.

All these Labrador retrievers share a warm and loving personality that is unique to their breed. Their companionship and loyalty is hard to match with other breeds. They have a uniquely pleasant personality. At the same time they are obedient and patient. This makes them easy to train and very compatible to live with. Care should be taken to train these dogs right so that they do not get out of control. Daily walks are just another way that you can bond with your dog and also maintain your health. There are few pets that will make such good companions.

The Labrador retriever possesses multiple skills, which helps to make them one of the most versatile breeds. Their services are well known throughout the world and they are the most used breed for guide dogs and other services. They are easy to train and make beautiful show dogs. At the same time they are good therapeutic dogs as they are patient and affectionate. There are few areas that these dogs do not excel. Probably the only thing to worry about is the fact that they are so friendly that they will welcome anybody into your house even if it is a burglar.

From the golden retrievers to the chocolate labs these dogs all make wonderful pets. All these beautiful breeds have been bred from the original Newfoundland dogs, known as the “St John dogs.” They are not only fun and active dogs to have as pets but they are also loving and obedient. They are not a hard dog to look after. A little care and time will earn you many years of companionship and love from these wonderful animals. They have come a long way from their beginnings as rugged hunting dogs to win the hearts of all who own them. They are the most popular breed of dog in the USA for a good reason.