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Dear Retriever Owner,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott and I have owned and loved retrievers for more than 15 years. I am currently the proud owner of a black Labrador retriever named Angus. I have attended many retriever classes, read countless books on all aspects of owning and loving retrievers, and have been able to help out numerous other retriever owners over the years.

I have helped out so many retriever owners that I got to thinking that maybe there were many others out there seeking advice on the best of all things retriever. It stands to reason there must be retriever lovers all over the world wanting a retriever specific site.

No matter whether you are the proud owned of a Labrador, curly coated retriever, golden retriever, Bay Chesapeake retriever, or about to purchase a retriever puppy, you will find helpful facts and products to improve the relationship between you and your retriever.

On this site you will have access to:
·receive answers to all your dog training questions.
·the very latest research on keeping your retriever in optimal health.
·share photos of your much loved retriever.
·meet and chat with other retriever owners.
·tell stories about your retriever.
·much, much more.

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Scott Gray (Editor. One Stop Retriever Site.)